Study at UdeM

Length of studies

The university year is divided into three sessions: fall, winter and summer. The fall session runs from the beginning of September to the third week of December. The winter session begins in the first week of January and finishes at the end of April. The summer session begins in May and finishes at the end of June or the end of August, depending on the courses taken.

Generally, undergraduate students register for the fall and winter sessions only. A bachelor's degree takes at least six sessions of full-time study (three years) to complete.

Most master's and doctoral students register for three sessions per year, including the summer, although in most programs, there aren't any courses offered during this period. The master's takes a minimum of three sessions, at the end of which students begin to write their thesis, if required.

The length of graduate programs other than the master's is governed by special regulations and varies from one to four sessions, depending on the program.

The Ph.D. takes a minimum of six sessions (two years) to complete. Students must spend three sessions in full-time residence at the UdeM or at another approved institution. At the end of their coursework, doctoral students begin to write their thesis.