Getting ready

Arrival procedures

When to arrive?

Classes begin at the end of August or the beginning of September for the fall session and the first week of January for the winter session. For students who begin their studies in the fall session, it is highly recommended that you arrive in mid- August. For students who begin their studies in the winter session, it is a good idea to arrive in mid-December or wait until the first week of January, because the UdeM is closed during the holiday season, usually from December 23 to January 4. It is a good idea to arrive at least two weeks before the beginning of classes to get settled and become familiar with your new environment. Students who cannot arrive on time for the beginning of classes must check with their department or faculty to see if they will be able to register late. Students who arrive late for any reason may have problems catching up.

Upon arrival

Most students arrive at Montreal international airport - Montreal-Trudeau. Once you have exited the airplane, you will be directed to the Canadian immigration office, where you will have to present your passport and, depending on the case, your student visa, so that they can run a check on it, or even the letter from the Canadian Embassy authorizing issuance of your visa. Students should only leave the airport once these procedures have been completed. In addition to the passport, student visa or letter from the embassy, the immigration officer can ask for the letter of admission from the UdeM and proof of funds. It is therefore recommended that you have these documents within reach.

Welcome services for international students-Accueil Plus

Avalaible from early August to early September 2015

This welcome service offers to new international students help as they arrive into Montreal airport.

You must register at least 24h before arriving at Montréal-Trudeau airport to benefit from this service
Registration for the 2015 fall semester will start mid-May

Service at the reception desk:

Information on:

Other services:

Transportation to downtown Montréal

Once you have completed immigration procedures and picked up your luggage, you will want to go to downtown Montréal. Students who land at Montreal-Trudeau Airport (located 20 km from downtown) have few options:

1) The public transportation service (STM) also provides the 747 bus line will lead you to Berri-UQAM metro station for 10$.

3) The taxi costs about $40. A taxi from downtown Montréal to the UdeM costs about $15. By public transportation (bus or metro), it will cost as little as $3,25.


Students admitted in veterinary sciences must go to Saint-Hyacinthe, located 40 km Southeast of Montréal. From the airport, the shuttle bus will take you to the bus station in downtown Montréal. This station is connected to the Berri-UQAM metro station. For $3,25 students can take the metro to the Longueuil metro station. The CITVR Transport company runs a shuttle between Longueuil metro station and the Saint Hyacinthe municipality for about $9. The cost of taking a taxi from downtown Montréal to Saint Hyacinthe is about $100.

Reception at the UdeM

In the first days following their arrival, new students are invited to introduce themselves to the Bureau des étudiants internationaux (BEI). The BEI organizes welcome activities at the beginning of the fall and winter sessions to orient new students and give them information on various aspects of living in Montréal, the procedures to follow on campus and the special features of the Québec educational system. An information kit is distributed to all new students.

Students who attend these meetings must bring their passports, student visas, CAQ and proof of Medical insurance coverage(if they are eligible to be exempt from paying contributions to the UdeM group Medical insurance coverage plan). The BEI is the unit designated to make copies of these documents for each student’s records. The student card is issued only after this process has been completed.

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