Living in Montréal


Montréal is a truly bilingual city where French and English are used harmoniously. The UdeM is a French-speaking institution and its courses are given exclusively in French, except for language program courses. Knowledge of French is not a condition for admission. The UdeM has ways of distinguishing non French-speaking students before they enroll in a program in order to help them integrate. They have access to a wide variety of French courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Advanced-level courses can be credited within a university program. Students can register for a beginning or intermediate level course by contacting the École de Language of the Faculté de l'éducation permanente:

École de Language

Faculté de l'éducation permanente
Université de Montréal
P.O. Box 6128, StationCentre-ville
Montréal (Quebec)
Canada H3C 3J7

However, all new students must take the French test of the Québec Minister of Education or an equivalent. If you fail the test, you must pass the French course prescribed by the UdeM to obtain your degree. Finally, although knowledge of English is not required, students who cannot read this language may have problems, given the number of English-language reference works.

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