Living in Montréal

Cost of living

Although the cost of living in Montréal is relatively low compared to other large North American cities, foreign students should expect to spend large sums of money to get settled and buy winter clothing and books for courses.

The goods and services tax (5%) and the Québec sales tax (9.75%) are collected on most consumer goods and services. Ticketed prices generally do not include taxes. Below is an estimate of the cost of a year of studies at the UdeM.

Standard budget


Cost of arriving and settling

Arrival (transportation, temporary accommodations, restaurants)


Getting settled (equipment for housing, telephone deposit, etc.)


Winter clothing

1 650$

Linving costs

Housing and bills

550$ / month


350$ /  month


80$ /  month


40$ /  month


200$ /  month
1 225$ /  month

14 700 $ / year


Books and school supplies

350$ / year

Tuition and Medical insurance coverage

Tuition per session
(depending on the level of study and program)

-$ / semester

Medical insurance coverage(health/accident)

1000 $ / year

Dental insurance

120$ / year

NOTE : For each subsequent year, plan on a 2 to 5% annual increase. Immigration authorities currently require a minimum of $12 1830 per year for living expenses. Students who plan to live alone should bring more than this amount, at least $1,200 per month.

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