Formalities for entry and stay

General information

Canada is a federation of ten provinces and three territories. The federal government (called the Canadian government hereafter) holds certain exclusive powers and shares others with the provincial and territorial governments. Immigration is one of the areas of jurisdiction shared between the two levels of government. That is why foreign students who wish to study in Québec must meet certain requirements of the Québec government, and complete the procedures imposed by the Canadian government.

Thus, foreign students must first obtain a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ) as well as a student visa and, in some cases, an entry visa from the Canadian government. To do this, students must contact the Québec authorities and the Canadian diplomatic mission covering the territory in which they reside after they receive the official letter of admission from the UdeM. Students must prove that they are admitted to the UdeM fulltime and have sufficient financial resources.

It is absolutely necessary to obtain the entry and student visas before arriving in Canada. However the CAQ and the student visa is no longer required for foreign students whose program of study lasts a total of six months or less; in that case the tourist visa is sufficient. Please contact the Canadian diplomatic mission in your area to find out more.

Web site of Québec immigration authorities

Web site of Canadian immigration authorities