Scholarships and financial aid

International scholarships

Scholarships from international organizations

Many international organizations (United Nations, American States Organization, University Agency for Francophonie, World Bank, etc.) give scholarships to foreign students. To find out more about these scholarships, contact the federal minister of education in your country, the Canadian Embassy or Québec delegation nearest you.

Addresses of the headquarters of international organizations.

Addresses of CIDA and other organizations responsibles for Canada scholarships

International scholarships

Scholarships from the Commonwealth

These scholarships are intended for students from the member countries of the Commonwealth. Those interested are invited to contact the Canadian Embassy nearest them.

Fondation Olivier et Yvonne Poirier

This scholarship is intended for students from the Caribbean (Haiti, in particular) who have excellent academic records but due to their financial situation are unable to pursue university studies. The application must be received by May 15, accompanied by:
a copy of the official letter of admission from the UdeM;
a statement of purpose;
academic records (most recent transcripts);
certificate from the current educational institution confirming the financial situation of the applicants and their families.
A $10,000 scholarship is awarded annually and is renewable for the full length of the program of study on the condition that the recipients remain registered full time and obtain at least a 2.0 grade point average in undergraduate programs and at least 2.7 in graduate programs.

Applications must be sent to the following address:

Direction générale des Services aux étudiants
Université de Montréal
C. P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3C 3J7
Fax: (514) 343-2058

Application form


Gaston-Herald and Françoise Gervais scholarchip

The fund of this scholarship was created to help students with financial difficulties continue and complete their studies at UdeM. Upon the 15 scholarchips of 2000$ given, one is saved for international students.



Application form