Scholarships and financial aid

Graduate studies

The number of scholarships for graduate studies offered to foreign students is very limited, because most of the Canadian and Québec organizations that grant scholarships impose the condition of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status. However, below is a small list of financial aid programs specifically intended for foreign students. Upon your arrival, you may consult the directory of scholarships published annually by the Faculté des études supérieures et postdoctorales. There, you will find scholarships intended for foreign students, especially in the health field.

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Université de Montréal scholarships

The UdeM offers a limited number of scholarships to foreign students enrolled in a doctoral program. A review of the applications is held every year in the month of March. The students, faculty or department concerned are responsible for taking the necessary steps. The choice of scholarship recipient is based on the following criteria:

Canadian scholarships

Within the framework of the university exchange program, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade awards scholarships to students of the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Mexico. These scholarships enable students to begin graduate studies or research in Canadian universities. Certain restrictions apply, however, to those who want to study the arts, medicine or dentistry. To find out more about Canadian scholarships and obtain application forms, contact the organizations awarding Canadian scholarships.

Canadian International Development Agency
Canadian Francophonie scholarships program

Through the Canadian International Development Agency, the Canadian government awards a number of scholarships to applicants from French-speaking countries. These scholarships are intended to encourage pursuit of graduate studies in Canada in fields considered top priority by the countries concerned. For more information, contact the Canadian Embassy nearest you.