Admission at UdeM

Admission procedures

The application for admission is the first step to beginning your studies as a regular student. Applicants apply online or by filling out a paper application form. In the second case, applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt in the mail, provided that they filled it out properly and put the appropriate postage on the envelope when they applied. If their application is complete, applicants receive a letter of admission or conditional admission or refusal for the requested session. If they are admitted, applicants receive a personal identification number (UNIP) in the mail. It gives them access to their electronic records on the Internet. It is also possible to receive the UNIP by e-mail by indicating your e-mail address on the application for admission.

Students cannot begin a program in any session they please. Some programs are only offered in the fall and it is usually impossible to begin an undergraduate program in the summer. Admission is only valid for the session indicated in the letter of admission. It can, however, be deferred a session or two (for valid reasons) if the program in question is offered in the desired session. To obtain a deferment, applicants must present a written request to the Bureau du registraire and pay a $30 fee. Generally, answers to requests are issued after April 1 for the fall session and after November 1 for the winter session. If the admission is deferred, a new letter of admission will be sent.