Admission at UdeM

Admission policy

All applicants who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada are considered foreign applicants. Since the bachelor’s degree in Québec is equivalent to a licence, applicants who hold a licence in a given field of study are not generally eligible for the bachelor’s degree in Québec offered in the same field of study. For example, someone who has a licence in history is not eligible for the bachelor’s in history offered at UdeM. To begin graduate studies, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s or its equivalent. For doctoral level studies, a master’s or its equivalent is generally required. Consult the list of equivalent foreign diplomas for acceptance in a master's program.

Order of preference for undergraduate programs

You can choose up to three programs on one application form. You must enter them in order of preference, starting with the program of first choice. All of your program choices will be reviewed at the same time regardless of their order. A decision may be made for each choice you’ve entered. However, as soon as you are admitted into a program, your application is automatically withdrawn from programs to which you have given less preference. For example, students who are accepted for their first choice of program at the beginning of the application review process will not receive answers for their second and third choices. However, the choice of programs at the top of the list will continue to be reviewed, even if you were admitted to a second or third-choice program. Likewise, applicants admitted to their second choice program will not receive an answer for their third choice, but their application will continue to be reviewed for their first choice, for which an admission decision will be made. If that decision is positive, their application will immediately be closed for their second and third choices.

Absence at an evaluation required for admission

Whenever applicants must take an admission examination, test or interview, their absence at the scheduled time of such an evaluation means that their application will be closed, unless they justify their absence with the proper authority by presenting a valid written explanation in the eight days following the date of the evaluation. The event of an irresistible force, an act of providence or a serious illness vouched for by a medical certificate, all constitute valid reasons for circumstances beyond the student’s control. In such cases, an evaluation can be postponed.

Programs of study without fixed quotas (or unlimited access)

Foreign students who meet the admissions requirements and whose application is deemed sufficient are admitted to programs with unlimited access.

Programs of study with fixed quotas (or limited access)

Foreign students whose applications are comparable to those of Québec students can be admitted to programs with limited access. The high number of applications to such programs and the rigorous selection that results from this, however, limit the number of places available for foreign students. The following programs have fixed quotas: criminology, international studies, ergotherapy, medicine, speech therapy, audiology, physiotherapy and communications. In addition, only foreign students who have obtained a scholarship from a Canadian or international agency are eligible for dentistry and nursing sciences. For the dentistry program, an agreement with the Faculty must have been signed beforehand.

To be admitted into pharmacy or veterinary sciences, foreign students must receive a scholarship from a Canadian or international agency. To study optometry, foreign applicants must also come from a country or an institution with which the UdeM has signed an official agreement.